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Expert Witness:

For a dispute to be resolved, you need information that is clear, concise and objective. I will help you with your residential, commercial and industrial property, analyzing individual problems and dispute situations and will provide objective and technical assessment needed to reach a resolution.

From mediation, arbitration and litigation consulting to expert testimony, I will support you in every phase of the dispute resolution process. All systems are covered and I provide defensible documentation and photos.


Professional Residential Home and Commercial Building Inspections:

The value in a building or home inspection is the ability for the inspector to provide the cause of any problems, the solutions and the cost to correct. I will provide this information in every situation.

  • Excellent knowledge of home and building construction and their systems.
  • Effective communicator with courtroom experience.


Mold testing, Stucco inspections, Termite inspections, Radon testing and more

As a home inspector near Philadelphia, Jules Falcone & Associates have an excellent knowledge of home and building construction. We have courtroom experience as well which allows us to be effective communicators in all areas of the job. As home inspectors, we also provide the following services for real estate inspection and residential inspection:

  • → Mold Testing
  • → Stucco Inspections
  • → Radon Testing
  • → Termite Inspections
  • → & much more!

Jules Falcone & Associates have helped countless homeowners and agents make prudent real estate decisions through our professional home inspection services. We work to provide our clients with the full picture of a home so they know exactly what condition it is in before they agree to purchase it.

We provide a variety of services, including home inspections, stucco inspections, radon testing, termite inspections and more. As a one-stop-shop for all of your home inspection needs, rest assured knowing you will receive all the answers you seek from us, rather than receive referrals that cost you more time and money. As well, we provide you with cost estimates so you have a rough idea of what it is in store for the future.

In addition to our home inspection services, we have also served as an expert witness in property disputes, including commercial and industrial properties.

Although we are based out of Media, Pennsylvania, we perform our services in a variety of places, including the counties of Chester, Delaware, Philadelphia, Montgomery County and Bucks in Pennsylvania and Bew Castle in Delaware.

As an original charter member of the American Society of Home Inspectors, our business is fully up to date on compliance laws, technologies and other important industry issues.

If you have any questions about our services or if you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today.